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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Short Meetings and Busy Days

Just came out of the Mustard Seed. It was a 17 minute meeting. Weren't many there. Just a handful of us regulars. Someone asked me if it was worth the walk. I answered, "Yeah. It was worth it. I needed to be there." And it was. Just sitting there for that short amount of time helped center me. Plus I have a men's group tonight.

This wont be a long post. Busy day. I have my sponsor to meet, some second job searchin', and of course that later meeting. Will post about the rest of my day after that.

At Mustard Seed we talked about how sticking to the program has not only kept us from drinking, but has also enriched our lives. I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone and it has helped me in ways no one can imagine. I have a two month chip coming up next week. I also have my life back. Almost..... but I'm working on that. It's enriched so many of my relationships too, and I thank God for that. Hopefully it's enriching the most important one as well, but I can't be there to see it. Or talk about it.

I have my ups and downs, but things are going very well. And I am thankful.

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