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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blue Jeans and Church

Got up, showered, shaved, and went to church this morning. As I approached the front steps a feeling of serenity swept over me. Forgetting the fact that I was in jeans and tennis shoes, I actually smiled a little bit. The folks I shook hands with on the way in seemed a bit shocked, but I wasn't there to impress them. Hey. I was wearing a nice shirt....

I really like Trinity Episcopal. It's always a beautiful service. I'm not looking to join, though. That's a decision I'll make with you know who when and if she feels ready. But for now, I will continue where I'm at. I've found that going to just about any church in the past weeks has served to calm my soul, center me spiritually, and help me reconnect with God. I tend to take something from every sermon too. Things that help enrich me in everyday living. It's something that has helped not only in my life, but also in my recovery. I've finally started opening up to things that I'd desperately and obstinately avoided before. I'll be writing about openness and willingness soon. It's made me a happier person.

So what did I learn today? The sermon centered around the Parable of the Talents. (Oddly, so did the one at Dad and Teresa's church.) Now I took something a bit different from the story than I'm sure everyone else did. Reaping and sowing.... or more in the correct order, sowing and reaping. We all know that we reap what we sow. We get back just as much as we give. Common knowledge, but not everyone adheres to it. Myself included for such a long time. Something else that occurred to me during the service was that we can't reap what we don't sow. I sowed alot of nothing for years. And hurt alot of people. It's never too late, though, and now I'm working that garden like I never have before.

Okey doke. Bout to call my sponsor and see if we're going to that meeting tonight. If not, I'll just go to my usual one. I'll post again sometime this evening.

I guess I wasn't dressed too badly.


  1. I enjoy going to church too. There is something peaceful and connecting there for me, but I work nights now and miss church a lot. I found my church's website where the sermons are available for listening. It's great inspiration for me to while getting ready to go to work. I can still learn something. The parable gave me some food for thought.

  2. Jay, the Parable of the Talents is one of favourites. It seems sad, but it is a great story. The commentary attached gave an insight I never thought of. Great posting. Thanks!!!!

  3. Thank you, both. Not only can you walk away from a service a little wiser than before, but you also meet some great people. I'm going to write a bit about that in my next post.