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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Step 4 and Thanksgiving

Aside from meeting my sponsor at the Rue, and a couple of other things, it wasn't a very eventful day. Mostly work.

He gave me my 4th Step worksheets and study guide, talked about what we were going to do on this step and future steps, and then we chatted for a while. I'm going to read the study guide tonight and start the worksheets tomorrow. I have Tue, Wed, and Thursday off, so that should give me lots of time. I'll go to church on Wednesday. For Thanksgiving I'll be going to as many meetings as I can and volunteering downtown. Giving out food for one of the shelters. Probably eat at Hoshun later since they will be open.

I ran into a friend on the way to the Rue. She knows I like to volunteer. She's been talking to me for years about training with the Red Cross. I had been considering working with Second Harvest Food Bank and will still pursue that. I like them. May give RC a try too, but I don't want to spread myself too thin. As far as paid work goes, I've been researching another full-time job and maybe doing the one I have now part-time. Would make much more sense. My sponsor thinks so as well.

So there ya go. Nothing too mind-blowing. Just some stuff from today in no particular order. Threw in a few thoughts and ideas for good measure.

Think I'm just going to chill here at the Rue until time to head back. Have I mentioned I like coffee shops? I'll leave ya with the daily passage from 24 Hours a Day...

I no longer try to escape life through alcoholism. Drinking built up an unreal world for me and I tried to live in it. But in the morning light the real life was back again and facing it was harder than ever, because I had less resources with which to meet it. Each attempt at escape weakened my personality by the very attempt. Everyone knows that alcohol, by relaxing inhibitions, permits a flight from reality. Alcohol deadens the brain cells that preside over our highest faculties and we are off to the unreal world of drunkenness. A.A. taught me not to run away, but to face reality. Have I given up trying to escape life?

Yes I have. :)

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