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Monday, November 14, 2011

Two Beers and Benjamin Franklin

Well someone out there seems more upbeat. Maybe one of my prayers were answered....

I wanted to share a cool website I found today while looking for the 24 Hours A Day Book. Here's the link- . It's a treatment center, but the website is a wealth of info about addiction and recovery (among other things).

Got the day off tomorrow, so I will be hitting my Mustard Seed group, lunch with my sponsor, coffee shop blog writing, some errands, evening meeting, dinner, then back here for another post. Going to try and find a new place to do laundry as well. May go to the park and read a bit for a little down time.

I was talking to Mr. Lewis earlier about going to the Second Harvest concerts a while back. He said he likes to go and have a couple of beers. I kind of chuckled and said it was Diet Cokes for me... and meatpies. Love the meatpies. He seemed a bit perplexed that I just drank Diet Coke. I explained that, for someone like me, two beers turns into three and then four.... then pretty soon I'm hanging off the Benjamin Franklin statue naked. That wouldn't actually happen. The statue thing. My point was that I don't stop at two. I stop when I fall asleep. That's why I can never drink again. And ya know what? I have absolutely no problem with that.

So that's it. Figured I throw some random thoughts up. Nothing too heavy. Not an incredibly eventful evening either. Hope everyone has a good night....

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