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Monday, November 21, 2011

Work and Sober Spending

Not much to write about really. Just went to work from CC's and got back a few minutes ago.

Work went well. I find I'm more patient with people in general. It makes alot of difference when you step back from your ego and see things from inside their shoes.

I have to say that I am humbled, too, from all the support that my co-workers have given me. They're awesome people and I am very thankful for them. One lady said she was bringing me Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. I'll be volunteering at the mission and going to the Round Table group that day, but I might be able to stop by and say hello.

Here's the thought for the day...

I no longer waste money, but try to put it to good use. Like all of us, when I was drunk, I threw money around like I really had it. It gave me a feeling of importance - a millionaire for a day. But the morning after, with an empty wallet and perhaps also some undecipherable checks, was a sad awakening. How could I have been such a fool? How will I ever make it up? Thoughts like these get you down. When we are sober, we spend our hard-earned money as it should be spent. Although perhaps some of us could be more generous in our A.A. giving, at least we do not throw it away. Am I making good use of my money?

I have been making much better use of my money. I've been paying off old credit debts. Trying to fix my credit actually (I owe a young lady a house...LOL). Been keeping up with the few bills I have, and eating as well as possible. I try to save anything that's left. Things are looking good for getting a new job too. I've had a couple of bites, but may not get a real interview until after Thanksgiving.

Well. That's it for now. I have 3 days off that I'm going to put to good use.


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