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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blackberries and Dante

Been busy running all over the place looking for a phone replacement. Finally decided that I'll have to order one from the online Sprint store.... So, yes, I'm still on the temporary number.

Something that occurred to me in all this running was how fitting it is that I have to carry this heavy a%$& laptop around. It feels almost like a penance I'm paying for letting it interfere with things that are really important in my life. Dante Alighieri could have written a whole other circle for this... LOL. I'm over-dramatizing of course. There are some things this PC is invaluable for. It did make me think, though.

Aside from that, I just ate a nice, healthy chicken taco salad. Getting ready to head to my meeting. Was going to go to church, but my meeting happens at the same time. Didn't make Mustard Seed today because of errands.... And I still have more errands for this evening.

Anyway. Nothing much else for right now. I did have an opportunity to help someone out today. It wasn't anything big, but it made his day better and I am thankful for that.

Will write more tonight.


  1. Yeah you are so right about carrying around a weight. We all do that. Thank God I don't have to carry it all. I can lay it down at the foot of the cross and give it to the one who loves me more than anyone else could possibly love me. That is the only way I am making it right now. Not preaching...just saying


  2. You're absolutely right. It hasn't been that long and my soul already feels lighter... Laptop aside of course. 6 lbs might as well be 50 after 20 blocks. LOL