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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mussolini and Moral Inventory

Worked all day, so not a heck of alot to write about. Remember a while back when I said, "If someone has something they feel is important enough to tell you, it's important enough to listen to." Well. There's a guy who comes into where I work, tracks me down, and corners me for 40 minutes to tell me about conspiracies. Now I'm interested in World War II, but I don't want to hear about Hitler's secret technology for an hour. I had to hide out in the warehouse for quite a while tonight when he came in. I felt bad, but I don't want to be rude to him. He's probably just a lonely guy who likes sharing stuff about Benito Mussolini. Not for me, though.

Been doing my 4th Step worksheets. It's mostly about putting a magnifying glass on my fears, resentments, and wrongs. Then I write about what parts of those are more to do with me than what is going on on the outside... and in other areas where I'm actually at fault. I'm still working on the step, but so far it has been very enlightening. I'm starting to see more of the little everyday things that effect my serenity for what they are. That knowledge helps me to deal with those things as they happen in a positive way. It also helps to know that most of those problems and frustrations come from somewhere in me and how I react. I may share some of my stepwork after my sponsor and I go over it. I won't be able to share most of it here, however, because alot of it is very specific.

That's about it for tonight. I had a very blessed and productive day.


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  1. Very Good Jay. Like the statement you made about the importance of listening. I hope I am a good listener. I know you are. Thanks for your concern for me. Depression is like the person who shows up at your party and you wish they had stayed home! They come uninvited and stayed til everyone else has gone home. Haven't had it in a while and I hope after my meeting today it will be totally gone. I've got too much to do than lay on the couch. Need to start practicing what I've been preaching, huh. Thanks again. Talk to you later today. Love you. Thanks for being there.