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Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Book Passages and Confusing Meeting Topics

Not every AA meeting or group is a winner. Today's Mustard Seed topic was not a winner, but the group itself is and that's why I keep going. Love it. Today, though, quite a few of us were confused as to what we were supposed to be talking about. The moderator was talking about something personal that was going on in his life. Nothing wrong with that by any means. I think what threw a few of us was how he was trying to apply it to the steps. It wasn't coming together very well, but I listened, and as always walked out with some food for thought. If you are sharing something that's important to you, it's always worth listening to.

Been trying to get into reading the daily thoughts in the 24 Hours A Day book. Finally found a website where I can do that. Need to buy the book when I can. Today's passage was about looking for the good in every person and not judging them. Alcoholics are quite used to judgement and criticism... in both directions. I'm no exception. So today I am going to concentrate on less judging and more understanding.

Meeting with my sponsor tomorrow for lunch, so tonight after I get off I'll have to finish the work he gave me for Step 3. I just have some writing left. Done all the reading. Will post again after work too.

I read something while eating lunch today that I feel I must write about. There's someone out there right now who is dearer to my heart than anything else. Someone who was lying awake last night at the same time as me and listening to the same rain. I'd like to be able to tell her that life is worth the pain. If I could, I'd shoulder that pain for her... I even prayed that I could while laying there in that lonely, sad bed. I hope and pray that someday soon I can hold her hand, look into her eyes and tell her that I will do anything to make sure she is happy and protected. No matter what. It might be bad at this moment, but the future can be wonderful. It's so worth it. I love ya, Cupcake.

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