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Friday, December 16, 2011

Food Drives and More Gratitude

Today..... Well, I worked most of it. Going back at 11 to hang out. They close late for the Christmas shoppers and there wont be a guy there, so I volunteered. We get some shady people in there at night.

"Shady people in New Orleans?!", you may ask. No way...

Meeting with my sponsor early tomorrow, then work, then a meeting. Work again Sunday and I pick up a new chip Sunday night. Busy weekend.

I talked to Second Harvest Food Bank earlier, and the food drive is a "Go". Very excited about that. The lady asked me if I had a theme for it. I was thinking about calling it, "The Other 363 Days". Emphasizing that there are people who go hungry all year. Not just the holidays. It'll be at Walgreens on Magazine St. in the month of January.

Got a lot to be grateful for, because God only knows what I'd be doing right now if I hadn't finally surrendered and started working the hell out of this program. I certainly don't want to know.

Until tomorrow, folks...

I still like British TV.
What I found on this video, after the song, was both beautiful and sad...
So I posted it.

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