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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's Different?

Our moderator at the "After Work" group started us on the topic of steps 4 and 5. I finished these steps not too long ago, so they were still pretty fresh on my mind. 6 and 7 also fall into alignment with these. Finished those very recently so I was eager to share. Unfortunately my cough precluded me from doing much talking at either meeting today. All I could really do effectively was sit there, listen, and chew on cough drops....

The themes from everyone's moral inventories were pretty similar. Learning to lie and manipulate from very early on all the way up to the time we enter an earnest recovery. None of our stories are very unique. Our self-centeredness and ego plague us and our loved ones until we say, "Enough." Until we start working those steps. Until we turn it over to God. Ego quickly turns to humility, much to the amazement of the alcoholic and those around them.

A guy shared, tonight, that one of his relatives asked him what was different this time. Being used to the question he started to answer, but they cut him off. "Something really is different. what is it?" He told them that he was honestly working his steps and doing the program as suggested in the Big Book. Same story for me... People notice a definite difference. And the same as him, I'm actually working the program. Not just going and sitting and waiting for an hour to be up. That never kept me sober... And it sure as hell wasn't recovery.

Other news... Hmm. I pick up another chip Sunday, my sponsor is making gumbo for some of us Monday, will hopefully have a new place by Wed. (Luckily there's no lease involved where I'm looking, a guy at the group has a 3 bedroom house uptown and asked if I wanted to be a roomie. I won't be there long-term, but it's a big step up.), decided to use my income tax this year to look at making a down payment on a car. Some of this is future stuff and subject to change, of course. That's the plan, though.

Sat at Audubon Park before my meeting today. Here's a picture of a turkey duck. Goodnight!

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  1. Very Good Jay! The biggest difference I see in you is you have finally "Let go and Let God". When your path turned in that direction, I felt a peace and relief like I've never felt before for you.
    I thank Him everyday for that!