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Friday, December 23, 2011

Leaving the Dreamworld Behind

Thought for the Day from the 24 Hours book.

We have definitely left that dream world behind. It was only a sham. It was a world of our making and it was not the real world. We are sorry for the past, yes, but we learned a lot from it. We can put it down to experience, valuable experience, as we see it now, because it has given us the knowledge necessary to face the world as it really is. We had to become alcoholics in order to find the A.A. program. We would not have got it any other way. In a way, it was worth it. Do I look at my past as valuable experience?

This is perfect for where I am in my steps. Alot of people were hurt along the way and alot of mistakes were made. Even the folks with 25 years under their belts will tell you that they slipped and slid before they truly surrendered to God and recovery. It doesn't justify the horrible things we did. We can only hope and pray that the ones who truly love us forgive and stick by us. That, in recovery, they see we aren't really the people of our pasts. That we are capable of so much more.

It's not just about them, though. First and foremost, we must show ourselves what we are capable of. Once we see the awesome things recovery offers, when worked earnestly, the will to go back to the previous life fades away.

I'd like to say "Thank You" to the folks who stick by me. There are some who are less inclined to do so, and I understand. All I can do is ask them for forgiveness and the opportunity to show them what kind of man I really am. And always was, had I not been influenced by addiction.

I work late tonight, but I'm going to post again when I get back.

Have a great day.

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