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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Truck Driver Returns

First of all... A couple of things I've accomplished today. Talked to the boss about moving up in the company. He wants to meet next week so we can map out a game plan. I'm still seeking a second job and still am researching continuing my education, but while I'm there, I should be striving to make a better leader of myself. A pay raise isn't such a bad thing either. I have some hospitals I need to re-apply to later. Looked up my medical benefits enrollment dates and will be applying for that tonight as well. Let's see... got my credit report a couple of nights ago, researched improving my credit...

Keeping busy with things I need to be on top of anyway. Called my sponsor too. We're meeting tomorrow after work at the Rue. Gonna start my stepwork.

Our Friday truck driver came around today. We talked a bit. He seems to be out of control. He went back out last week and ended up with some girls. He said he'd tried to call me about the meeting, but dialed the wrong number. He thought I was upset about all of it. I simply told him that I was not, that it's his life, I have my own recovery to work but am willing to help in any way I can. I told him that he could call me anytime day or night, but he really needed someone with a story similar to his who is actively recovering. He has so many things going on that I have no experience in and I still don't have enough sobriety to go out and give a bunch of advice. I did try to get the fact across to him that the day would come when he would lose his wife and kids. If he didn't get help, he'd go back out one time too many and that would be it. I don't think he believes me.

Like I said, though. I have my own recovery to work... and I'm working it hard. Laid down a very firm foundation. I have noticed substantial changes in my life that wouldn't have happened otherwise. I'm enjoying it and the infinite possibilities it brings.

May post again later....

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