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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Newcomers and Civic Duty

I love New Orleans during
Halloween season!

Worked most of the day. Gotta look at a second job. I think I know where I can find one quick, but it's with the competition. Ready to start putting money back and preparing for that future.

Not much to say about work. The truck driver never called to take me up on that meeting invite. The dude simply isn't ready. I wasn't ready, either, for a long time. Hopefully he'll come around, but I have to concentrate on my recovery.

The meeting was good. I saw alot all familiar faces who knew me as well. First time I'd been back to that one. Didn't have a lot for the discussion. It was about being a sponsor. Could only share a little. I did get something from the meeting, though. The sponsors went around and talked about how, as a rule, they didn't work with people who are addicted to narcotics. They said they just couldn't relate and didn't want to jeopardize someone else's recovery. One lady shared that she had tried before and it was a disaster. It's not that they didn't want to help. They just didn't feel qualified.

Something else I've never heard discussed in a meeting was about how serious a circumstance you must be in to be there to begin with. We usually stay fairly lighthearted, but it is a very grave and delicate situation, indeed, for a newcomer to enter those walls. I liked how they stressed the gravity of it. It reminds me to be realistic and responsible when doing a service. And where I am in sobriety isn't nearly enough to start trying to advise people. Can be a dangerous thing.

Let's see..... Voted today. State and city election. Stayed focused on education and healthcare. Back at the place now. May watch a movie or something on my laptop. May even post again later. Ya never know.

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