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Monday, October 17, 2011

One Month's Eve

Little late getting back. Went for gumbo with a new friend who has never been to New Orleans. Made my 12&12 meeting at Rayne Memorial Church. Aaaaaaand tomorrow night I pick up my one month chip. May not seem too special, but for some it's a milestone. Plus I plan for it to be my last one month chip. (Yep. I've had several.) Gonna hang with my sponsor afterward and read some more from the Big Book.

Second half of the day was a bit interesting. The Preacher, whom I've mentioned previously, sat beside me at PJ's. I kinda like his style so I leaned over and told him that if he ever wanted to write something, I'd post it for him. His eyes got wide and he asked me if everyone in the world could see it. Quickly I responded by saying everyone in the world has access to it. Almost everyone. "Can I start a blog?", he then asked. This was no longer a simple situation, but I didn't mind at all. I said anyone could, just go to so-and-so dot com and set it up. It turns out that he doesn't know much about the internet, so I set it up for him.

Have you seen this man?
If you travel up and down Canal Street during the day, you have.
He preaches on the corner of Decatur. With a megaphone.

I got him set up as best I could, then told him I had an AA meeting to go to. When it's ready, I'll post a link...

Well. That's about all I got. Have a few other things I want to write about, but I'll save them for tomorrow. Teresa and I were discussing the differences between abstinence and recovery, and I want to dedicate a post to how it was being an active alcoholic in New Orleans.

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