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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exhaustion and Future Steps

I'm a bit late posting. I was on the phone for a while with a friend. Not much to write about today. The Mustard Seed was ok. I just don't relate well with the guy who moderated. Doesn't seem very happy in his recovery. He acts as if it is more of a chore. I have to remember, though, that it is his recovery. We all do it differently and we don't judge.

I shared a little about behaviors I'll have to make amends for in the future... to people I've lied to or taken advantage of. The subject, though, was about the fourth step... doing a searching and fearless moral inventory. This is vital by itself and helps pave the way for the ninth step (making amends to those we've harmed). Now that step is going to have a huge list attached to it that I wont be able to share on these pages. Since I am nowhere near these steps, there wasn't alot I could say. But that's alright. Ultimately, the meeting left me feeling good. Called my sponsor afterward.

After that I made my way uptown to visit a friend who works at my bank. Talked to him about getting a card to help rebuild my credit. Then I closed at work.

Sorry if tonight's post isn't as insightful or poetic as others. I'm just exhausted. To pep things up, I think I'll attach a video from our June vacation. That beautiful gal, with the bird trying to eat her glasses, is Sarah. Goodnight, Cupcake.... wherever you are.

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