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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missing Angels and Making Lemonade

Hey! It's Oct. 18th! My journey in recovery is a month old! I ran into my sponsor at the Mustard Seed meeting. He was on his way into the church for Mass. In the meeting we had a great, almost intimate discussion about the program, what brought us there, and how we stay in it. Not a big group, so it's easy to get talk time. Talked to the moderator for a bit afterward. She's a tough old gal with a heart of gold. Always glad to see her walk in.

Replica of one of my favorite statues.
Found it in the courtyard before my meeting

On my way to get lunch, I nearly freaked when I realized my card wasn't in my wallet. Ends up I left it at the restaurant last night. Then I got to PJ's and all of the tables were taken. You may say I went for an upgrade. I'm sitting in the Royal Sonesta Hotel's PJ's right now. Nice leather chair, CNN on the flatscreen, and plenty of AC. I may have to change my regular spot. Sometimes when life gives you lemons, a little patience and perseverance mixes to make the best lemonade.

I go tonight to pick up my chip. My sponsor will be there and some folks that I'm getting acquainted with. One person will be missing, however, and that is the person I wanted to share it with most of all.

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