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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Truck Driver

Won't lie. It was a pretty tough day today. The entire day was devoted to work. That's not a bad thing though. Called my sponsor on the way in.

We have a guy that comes around once a week. He's a truck driver. Young and loud. Has a wife and kid. He confided in me last week a problem he was having at home. It's not too dissimilar to mine. He had been going out and getting drunk, plus some things that aren't similar to my story. Anyway. He finally admitted it all to his wife and she put him on the couch. I asked how it was going this week. He told me he was still in the doghouse, but they were working on it. I wasn't sure how to convey to him the importance of not being complacent and going back to that again. We alcoholics are a hard-headed lot. It's not quite as easy as someone saying, "Don't do it." Sometimes we slip and slide before we grasp the idea that this can really ruin our lives and others. I told him that there would indeed come a day when she wouldn't take him back. That he was lucky she was willing. Giving him that, I said good-bye. It's up to him and him alone what he does with it. I have to concentrate on my own recovery. For which, I have to say, I am doing with gusto. ;)

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