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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oysters and Building a Better House

Fried Oysters by the river.

That's my little splurge today. Been a while since I sat down somewhere and ate (even if it was just the Riverwalk). Usually I'm sitting in Jackson Square on my off days eating something from Subway... And that's nice. It's a pretty place and you often hear live jazz piping down from somewhere in front of the cathedral.

Sitting in PJ's now thinking of things to write. I got alot accomplished today. The noon meeting was good as always. We talked about how we had changed in AA. I've been talking about this alot in groups and on these pages the last few days. Again I shared that the program has been working very well for me. That I have noticed big changes in myself. Others have too. I spoke a bit about last night's impromptu meeting with the lady at Mojo's and how there was a time, not so long ago, that that wouldn't have happened. It really was an awesome experience.

Still working on rebuilding my credit. Still working on a better career situation. Still trying to put money back. And I'm actively working toward giving a very special young lady the house and family she's always wanted... I can do it. I consider it a big part of my recovery as well. Makes me happy. There's no better thing than to give someone you love something they've always dreamed of. She still isn't talking to me, and she may well never. I can't let doubt hold me back, though. Hope and faith are two wonderful things.

Wasn't sure if I should write about that right now, but it's part of what I'm doing. In this blog it is essential that I maintain honesty and hold nothing back. It's not something I share often here. I don't even know if she reads this. If she has, however, I don't want to make her uncomfortable.

The last Wednesday concert in Lafayette Square is tonight. Wellllll.... It starts in two hours. Can't wait for that. I'm not even sure who is playing, but it'll be fun regardless. I even have a few aquaintances that may be meeting me. I'll post again later about it.

There ya go.... It might sound like a lot, but I think I'm keeping a good life-balance. Thinking it may be about time to start on "The Lost Child Pt.3" too. That will more than likely pick up in my teenage years.

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