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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Europeans and Service Work

Just had a really good conversation about politics and war. Otherwise I would've started writing sooner.

Now. What was on my mind...? Talked to Teresa before my second meeting at Rayne Memorial. We were discussing "The Lost Child Pt. 2". She'd had very similar experiences in her family between her folks and her grandparents. She also opened my eyes to the idea that in the past I've pushed people away because I didn't think I deserved them. It's a good point. My history is littered with some pretty rotten things on top of a deep-rooted fear of abandonment. Definitely something to explore.

My homegroup meeting was ok. Not many wanted to share. The theme of the discussion had sort of moved to performing service work. Maybe there just wasn't as much interest in the subject. I shared that I was probably not in much of a position to give advice and such right now. I have opened myself up to people and shared my experiences. Told them where meetings were. For now I think that is service enough. I need to be listening as much talking.

...Funny. I just got invited by a bunch of Europeans to go hang out in the Quarter. When I told them I didn't drink, they asked what I was doing in New Orleans....

Ok. I'm back. Not much else to write really. Gettin' chilly down here and I didn't bring any winter clothes. Guess I'll be shopping next week.

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