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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard Pt. 4- Sloth (Cornerstone Sermon 02-05-12)

As you know, I really enjoy the Cornerstone Church podcasts with Pastor Rusty Hutson. Especially this series on the Seven Deadly Sins. In this blog I like being able to share things that I learn from and mean something to me.

When discussing Sloth this past Sunday, he described it as not being the best possible person we could be for God, ourselves, and the ones we love. The ones who depend on us. How it eventually destroys relationships and effects people in our lives.

Sloth, for me, has manifested in so many ways over the years. Just getting by, taking the easiest way out, looking for instant gratification and not working for something meaningful...

In my addiction sloth manifested as complacency. Thinking just being sober was enough and not rising for something better. None of those things get you anywhere in life or in service. It often got me a hard slap to the ground. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over again and expecting different results. For me, one of those things was doing nothing at all.

It's a great sermon this week and I learned alot. There's some very good stuff in there. Below is the link.

Old Habits Die Hard Pt. 4- Sloth



  1. Oh how wonderful, new podcast with Rusty Hutson speaking! I love his sermons and can't wait to logg off for this evening to that I can listen.

    The previous one made very happy listening to. Rusty and friends themselves being so happy about their multisite project.

    But first I must read up on Jay's days :)

    1. I was telling my brother (who is a member of that church) that they should multisite in New Orleans! :)

  2. That would've been excellent! I cannot imagine we'd have sermons like that here in Stockholm... but who knows, I ought to attend church more often and try different ones - to find out.