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Monday, May 14, 2012

Friends and Family

Having gotten over drinking, we have only just begun to enjoy the benefits of A.A. We find new friends, so that we are no longer lonely. We find new relationships with our families, so that we are happy at home. We find release from our troubles and worries through a new way of looking at things. We find an outlet for our energies in helping other people. Am I enjoying these benefits of A.A.?

I have found many friends in the program! People from literally all walks of life that you would never normally find yourself stopping and shaking hands with on the street. Businessmen, doctors, celebrities... some are people who don't have a pot to piss in. But we are all united in the program and under a common goal. Saving ourselves... and each other.

My family life is so much better too. I talk to family members that I haven't talked to in years. Some family I never really talked to that I'm always glad to hear from now. Relationships with my close family are better than ever and Cupcake and I are earnestly working on things. :)

Gonna head to bed early so I can see Sarah off tomorrow. Have a great night!

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