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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Round-Up 5-21-12

Hey peeps. Just going through my Monday rounds and found my Cornerstone sermon from yesterday... The Book of James- Week 6. Still in the process of viewing it, but I figured I'd go ahead and post it. Another early day tomorrow so I'll need to turn in soon.

I was looking at today's thought, Cupcake liked the meditation, so I'm posting both because I thought both were really good....

Thought for the Day-

One of the finest things about A.A. is the sharing. Sharing is a wonderful thing because the more you share the more you have. In our old drinking days, we didn't do much sharing. We used to keep things to ourselves, partly because we were ashamed, but mostly because we were selfish. And we were very lonely because we didn't share. When we came into A.A., the first thing we found was sharing. We heard other alcoholics frankly sharing their experiences with hospitals, jails, and all the usual mess that goes with drinking. Am I sharing?


Character is developed by the daily discipline of duties done. Be obedient to the heavenly vision and take the straight way. Do not fall into the error of calling "Lord, Lord," and doing not the things that should be done. You need a life of prayer and meditation, but you must still do your work in the busy ways of life. The busy person is wise to rest and wait patiently for God's guidance. If you are obedient to the heavenly vision, you can be at peace.

Years ago I learned about "the Triangle". It basically represents the balance between work, rest, and play. One is just as important as the other in life. Where is there progress without work? Where is there rejuvenation and healing without rest? Or where can someone experience the simplest and grandest joys in life without play?

Well. That's alot to chew on and I've certainly been enlightened! Sarah's flight got canceled today so we get to spend one more evening together for the week. Gonna sign off, but I hope you have a great night and a blessed tomorrow...

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