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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Everything Must Go

Just saw the Will Ferrell movie Everything Must Go and while at one time living outside with nothing but a recliner, a George Foreman grill, and a buttload of Pabst Blue Ribbon may have appealed to me, it makes finding a company with a good 401k plan rather more difficult than it is now.

Ferrell is an alcoholic who loses his high paying job after a series of drunken incidents. Upon his arrival home, he sees that all his stuff is on the lawn and all the locks are changed on the house. This triggers a 3 day binge while living in his front yard.

I could identify with the character. The desperation he felt when he couldn't buy alcohol... the relief he felt when he could. The unrealistic thinking. Disregard for consequences. Detoxing. Buying a little time and squandering it all on the pursuit for booze.

Didn't see much about AA except for the occasional reference to months or sponsor, but that may have been more out of respect for the program and its policy of non-promotion.

Been a great, rainy day. Work went well. Got to watch a relevant... and sometimes funny... movie with Cupcake.

Think I'll go ahead and get ready to turn in. Goodnight all!

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