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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cupcake, Seafood, and Barnabas Collins

Work went well, but the highlight of my day was definitely my date with Cupcake! I raced over to shower, we then went to Jaeger's Seafood for dinner. We sat and chatted over our salads, crabmeat au gratin, and gigantic freakin' seafood platter. I certainly wont have to worry about lunch tomorrow.

After that we went to Elmwood Theater to see Dark Shadows. A hilarious rethinking of the show that aired from 1966 to 1971 and the 70's theatrical versions. Johnny Depp certainly does the late Jonathan Frid justice as Barnabas Collins. His brilliant delivery of archaic jargon almost made the movie for me all by itself. No studio mikes hanging in camera view or wobbly sets either. Best of all though, Cupcake liked it and I got to hold her hand throughout!

Definitely wanna see it again. If for no other reason than to see which original cast cameos I missed.

Time to head to bed now, however. One more day of work and I'm free for a couple of days. And then a vacation right around the corner! :)



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  2. I love Tim Burton's movies with Johnny Depp! This one I must see :) Good to hear that you guys enjoyed a lovely date!

    Oh and I must add that Frid is the Swedish word for Peace/Serenity.

    Take care!