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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Terrible things could have happened to any one of us. We never will know what might have happened to us when we were drunk. We usually thought: "That couldn't happen to me." But any one of us could have killed somebody or have been killed ourselves, if we were drunk enough. But fear of these things never kept us from drinking. Do I believe that in A.A. we have something more effective than fear?

They call them "yets". Something that hasn't happened, by the grace of God, but normally and eventually will if we continue on the same paths.

What are my "yets"? Well... I'm lucky enough never to have been in jail, or gotten into an auto accident under the influence, or got into any fights (was present at pretty big bar fight one night, but smart enough not to get involved), or hurt myself badly from doing some stupid stunt to impress people, or gotten cirrhosis and died. That's the ultimate "yet". Death. There are plenty more. And the reason that they are still "yets" is that if I ever went back to my old habits, any of those could happen....

Man, I really love that message.

Work was chaotic, but my evening was very nice. :) Watched some TV, had a great dinner, and am now getting ready for bed.

Goodnight, world!

I said "Yet"... Not "Yeti".

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