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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Monday Round-Up

This week starts a new series at Cornerstone Church. The Book of James...

I must try to love all humanity. Love comes from thinking of every man or woman as your brother or sister, because they are children of God. This way of thinking makes me care enough about them to really want to help them. I must put this kind of love into action by serving others. Love means no severe judging, no resentments, no malicious gossip, and no destructive criticism. It means patience, under standing, compassion, and helpfulness.

And there is the thought for the day. I have a hard time not judging other people. Even when I am just as guilty as they are for their supposed transgressions. It's hypocritical, I realize.

Perhaps there is something still in me that makes me feel better about myself if I judge someone as an idiot... The bad driver, the guy who lets his dog poop on the sidewalk, or the person who doesn't even acknowledge you when you say, "Excuse me." as you step aside so they can more easily make their way.

Sure. There are plenty of grossly ill-mannered people out there. None of my business, though.

Jay has enough to concentrate on with Jay. Petty annoyances just add to the stress and bad feelings.

Patience is the key. Seeing folks for what they really are makes a world of difference as well. For better or worse, people are just going to be people.


  1. I believe acceptance is the key! Be observant yet accepting - it help me to think this way. And you are right, people are just going to be people, and thankfully none of us are perfect.

    Take care Jay!

  2. Hey! I'm perfect! JK. Good to hear from ya, Riversurfer. :)