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Friday, January 20, 2012

Post-New Year's Resolutions

I ate Popeye's for lunch and have felt rotten the entire day. That got me thinking about some of the life choices I've been making lately. Eating alot of junk food being only one. Then I thought it might be therapeutic to write a list of... resolutions. For some reason I don't like that word. I'm not scared of it. It just sounds cheesy to me.

Anyhow. Here's some stuff that I've been thinking about working on. These aren't the BIG things. Just some everyday things that can contribute to my well-being.

1) Eating more Subway if I'm looking for fast food. I used to eat it everyday and I liked it. And it's cheap. Healthier too. I got into the habit of snacking again as well. Gotta stop that. Need to drink more water. I drink waaaay too much diet soda.

2) I need to get back into reading again. There was a time when I read one book after another. Teresa gave me a really good one for Christmas called God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked. By Darrell Hammond. It's about his history of abuse and addiction. I'll start that on my off days next week.

3) Stopping smoking! I've cut down, but need to quit altogether. I tried a while back, but it was just way too much of an emotional time. Things have settled a bit and I have my health and a future family to think about.

4) Seeing my family more. I want to get to a point where we can make a few weekend visits on top of our two week-long visits every year.

5) I want to get back into sketching again. I was really good at one time. It's a talent that is going to waste.

There. That's 5. I'll be working on some more and keep ya updated. If anyone has any suggestions, by all means let me know! :)

Have a great night...


  1. I think you're brave and strong to have written this list! To so clearly visualize what you want or need to change.

    I keep my list up in the head, and it certainly is not detailed. Today I focus on the most important matters and when I feel more stable in my sobriety I too hope to find the strength to compose a list for an overview.

    Geesh, I too need to quit the nicotine and the snacking... but not today ;-)

    Take care, Jay!

  2. I saw a list in one of your posts... That's alot of stuff. You can do it, though. Aim high and stay the course! It can't all be done in one day, but ain't it fun to check those goals off when attained?

    We aim for progress, not perfection. You inspire me too! Thank you. ;)