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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard (Podcast of sermon from Cornerstone Church)

The reason I was so excited about this sermon is how relevant I thought it was to the subject of addiction. I was also very interested to hear about how Thomas Aquinas broke gluttony down into 6 categories. That made the subject even clearer. You may be a bit surprised, as well, at how many calories we consume in a day as compared to other areas of the world.

This sermon was delivered by Rusty Hutson at Cornerstone Church. They're doing great things over there, and if you are in the Auburn area, I highly recommend it.... So here it is. The link to the podcast of the Jan. 8th sermon.

Old Habits Die Hard Pt. 1- Gluttony

I'll be writing a regular post later tonight...


  1. I had in fact never heard a sermon before and listening to this Rusty Hutson actually touched me and had me a little bit speechless... you are right, what he spoke about IS so very relevant to the subject of addiction.

    I became very inspired listening to it, what he said made sense. For that moment I kind of understood that void of emptiness within and while listening a solution began to take form. And he had me laughing too, several times!

    Oh, perhaps I'm rambling a bit right now hahaa But I will listen to the sermon again when I go to bed tonight and I look forward to hearing part 2! I have saved the link and hope to find their next podcast.

    Thank you so very much for sharing! It must have been incredibly cool for you to hear all of this being said live!

    Take care Jay!

  2. You are very welcome. It was great seeing Rusty deliver the message. Very animated. I wish we had churches like that in New Orleans. I'll be a regular listener of the podcasts as well! Here's the church's website link... .

    You take care too!