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Friday, March 23, 2012

These Hallowed Halls

Strength comes from the fellowship you find when you come into A.A. Just being with men and women who have found the way out gives you a feeling of security. You listen to the speakers, you talk with other members, and you absorb the atmosphere of confidence and hope that you find in the place. Am I receiving strength from the fellowship with other A.A. members?

I find the most wonderful fellowship in the group, but my real church is the world. Just to name some examples... Hatcher Pass is one of the most glorious halls I've ever been in. The streets of Masan, South Korea have brought me some of the most fulfilling fellowship.

God gave us a great big planet. His glory isn't just found in a chapel. It's literally everywhere. You just have to occasionally look up and say thanks. Especially when you find some little thing that inspires your soul.

Sitting on a porch tonight, watching the rain come down, and talking with my friends inspired me beyond words. Don't waste your life looking for beauty. It will find you. If you open your heart. Trust me. ;)

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