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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mouse and The Eagle

This Mouse must give up one of the Mouse ways of seeing
things in order that he may grow.
-Hyemeyohsts Storm

There is an American Indian tale of a mouse who heard a roaring in his ears and set out to discover what it was. He encountered many animals who helped him on his way. Finally, the mouse had a chance to offer help to another. He gave away his eyes to help two other animals.

Without his sight, defenseless, he waited for the end. Soon he heard the sound eagles make when they dive for their prey. The next thing the mouse knew, he was flying. He could see all the splendor around him. Then he heard a voice say, "You have a new name. You are Eagle."

Like the mouse, we also feel something inside us we'd like to explore. That secret, like all others, has its answer hidden deep within us, yet right under our very nose. Often, we merely have to give up our eyes and see in a different way. When we do this, we are rewarded with a new kind of vision, one that lets us discover our true potential.

How can I look at things differently today?

Thought for the Day from Today's Gift

I am blessed to have the privilege of a new perspective on life. I am blessed to be in a position where I can be of service to my fellows. I am blessed with the enthusiasm of potential. Something to explore within myself. It's great having something to look forward to. :)

Been a good day. Between meetings, cleaning the apartment, and putting in a few resumes, I've just been enjoying being outside. Sat for a bit on the porch and listened to Justus play his guitar. Talked for a while with my buddy James. Now I'm winding down and watching Storage Wars: Texas.

Not the most interesting day, but I liked it.



  1. Wow... that is an incredibly insightful and beautiful tale! And I have noted the question "How can I look at things differently today?"

    You truly enjoy life and seize all opportunities to become the bestest that you can be.

    Glad to read you had a good day, all the best to you Jay!

    1. You too, Riversurfer! Always great to hear from you. :)