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Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Bio-Mom is a Time Lord

Debra Vann Melton Venable Skarret Frizzell Thornton Estes Strickland. Not sure about that last one. She's had a lot of faces and obviously... last names. I ended up a bit like Debra. Not quite as bad, but bad enough. One way I differ from her (and maybe learned something from my observations) is that I don't give up on relationships very easily. I'm loyal to a fault. I can definitely do some dick-headed things, but I am proud to say that I have never cheated on anyone. Been cheated on plenty. However. I have to give Cupcake some kudos. As far as I know, she never ran around on me.

How are my bio-mom and I the same? We are famous for doing whatever the hell we want regardless of the repercussions  We share at least two addictions. Smoking and booze. I never really got into drugs (Thank Mike... Mike is Tiff's word for God. Sheila is another name for the holy one. She's becoming more and more convinced that God is a woman. Tiff is a friend of mine BTW.)

My anxiety factor goes through the roof when I talk about the multi-named one. I will stop here for now. I hope you all have a great day and life throws you nothing but awesomeness.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hello world!

I'm back, and I'm bad! Obviously, within certain
sensible pre-set parameters... -Kryten (Red Dwarf)

I've been incredibly selfish by letting this blog go. A lot of it was my fault. Believe it or not, though, with a bit of influence from a couple of other people. I've strayed quite a bit... perhaps I should capitalize one of those words... QUITE a bit.

Not going to self-deprecate as much as I used to. That will be one change. That kind of behavior can hinder one's progress. I'm not going to post everyday, and the posts won't always be about addiction.

I want my blog to be about life, honesty, and love.

That said I have a few things to clear up. I went out of control for over a year. I used death, relationships (one in particular), and loss of hope as an excuse to go ape-shit bonkers. More things I want to clear up regarding my recovery...

My Higher Power- It's going to be science. I thrive on facts, and the facts are horrifying. That's enough alone to make a reasonable person want to genuinely put down the bottle and straighten up.

Faith- Doing what you know is right and expecting positive rewards. This is true. Every person I know who leads a good, selfless life thrives and is generally happy.

AA- Awesome resource for support and development.

Lament of Prior Relationships- New Orleans has been a bitter-sweet home for me. It's my favorite city, but makes me incredibly sad. It seemed like everywhere I went reminded me of a shared experience that eventually turned into bad memories. Things that I love and shared with various women are mine again. I reclaim Doctor Who, The Cure, Riverview Park, and Sriracha sauce (among other stuff).

Sure. I'm mad. I am, however, trying to channel my emotions toward more positive things.

And with that, I say, "Good day". :) I hope I don't disappoint again.